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Another Reason to Hate ETF’s/Mutual Funds

You can file this one under the “C’MON, MAN!” category.

Mutual fund managers are desperate.

For years they’ve been losing clients to the ETF market.  They’re response has been to get into the ETF game themselves.

They try to convince you their clever new ETF’s will give you better returns without taking risks.  And they give them fancy names like “Smart Beta ETF’s.”

Lol…Who do they think they’re fooling?

First, why don’t they tell you what Beta means? (It’s a measure of risk)

And while they’re at it, explain how Beta can be smart vs. stupid.

The reality is they can’t explain it so they come up with fancy language that gives you the impression they’re unique.

I recently read how they use “Factors” to explain stock performance.

Look at the following quote from a Strategic Beta ETF:

“Factors:  The DNA Markers of Stock Performance”

“Think of a factor as a DNA marker on an investment that causes it to respond to certain events, driving it to behave the way it does over time.”


Are you thinking, “C’MON, MAN, what does that mean?”


Hopefully, you’re thinking “Who writes this crap?”

But here’s the sad part.  Many investors hear their advisor praise these new ETF’s and think, “Wow! That sounds great, I think I’ll buy that.”

…and the cycle continues.  Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

If you’re tired of hearing this kind of BS, (and not understanding the language of Wall Street) try something refreshing.

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And share this with someone who thinks like you.

They’ll thank YOU later.

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