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America’s Silent Majority is Pi**ed Off


You’ve read it here before.

There is a growing spirit of discontent in America…and I’m not referring to the recent protests/race wars.

This discontent is specifically towards the Loss of Confidence in Government.

It’s accelerating the increase of civil unrest and will be the driving force that will take volatility in our markets into the stratosphere.

One of our loyal readers, (Mel, From Ohio) wrote to us expressing his frustration which I believe represents a vast majority of “Silent Americans.”

Take it away, Mel:


“James, People have lost all common sense and sensibility. It’s gone with the wind. The party of racism, slavery and the KKK have flip the script over the many years. Now they are going after Christopher Columbus and Amerigo Vespucci. Where will it stop? So now we’re in another health pandemic called institutional racism. The race Nazis want all police shows pulled off television such as cops, Chicago PD, FBI, Barney Miller, Andy of Mayberry, etc. etc. They want their embarrassing civil war history erased from the archives. People are drinking the Jim Jones Kool-Aid all over the country. It’s all part of the George Soros script. The next thing in the playbook will likely be – going after freedom of religion. Specifically, how the Muslims are treated around the world.”


Wait! There’s more:


“Keep fighting the good fight James. As you may have noticed I have left social media for now after realizing the five most dangerous monsters on the planet are billionaires Bill Gates, Tim Cook, Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey and George Soros. George gives the orders and the willing money-grubbing henchmen propagate those orders without reservation. With their censorship bots in place the truth rarely gets out to the masses. And you know better than I that the James Vincent daily piece would not survive the thought police captains on FB or other social media.”



Way to go, Mel…you nailed it.

You can rest assured that there are many others out there who agree and yet remain silent, for now.

However, the American citizens are not going to accept being locked down again.  And all of this movement about contact tracing is really about trying to prevent civil unrest because they know all government pension funds and social programs are insolvent. They are using this entire virus scam as a means to suppress the people to retain power.

Re: volatility, watch the sheeple make all the wrong moves as we possibly retest the lows in the market.


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Your financial future may just depend on it.


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