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Amazon’s Board Reacts to Trump Tweets About USPS


Last week we sent out an email comparing Amazon’s Jeff Bezos with Dr. Eeevil of Austin Powers fame.  (HERE)

We were somewhat surprised at how many of our readers want to know more about the whole Trump vs. Bezos circus and its ties to the Deep State CIA connection.

The truth is it’s almost impossible to tell this story in a 200-300-word email without leaving out most of the gory details.

However, you can read all about it in our April issue of Simplifying Wall Street in Plain English.  (HERE)

After reading it, you’ll understand why you should put in stop-loss orders on your Amazon stock.

And for the cost of lunch for two at a fast food restaurant, you’ll also have access to all of our archives about the dark side of Wall Street.

At Financials Matter we don’t just reveal Wall Street’s corruption/greed, we show you how to profit from it.

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