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A ‘Homer Simpson’ Train Wreck in Ohio

Springfield, Ohio – most famous for being the home of “The Simpsons” – is the latest victim of a Norfolk Southern train wreck in Ohio.

And officials said residents were “ordered to shelter in place.”

Who are these officials anyway?

And where were they when the East Palestine fiasco occurred?

Ironically (or NOT) Springfield residents were ordered to shelter in place even though they weren’t sure if any of the derailed train cars had toxic chemicals in them.

But it is quite odd how “officials” said:

“The Clark County Emergency Management Agency is asking residents within 1,000 feet of a train derailment at Ohio 41 near the Prime Ohio Business Park to shelter-in-place out of an abundance of caution.”

 An abundance of caution???


We have a few questions to ask:

  1. Where was the abundance of caution regarding East Palestine?
  2. Are the “officials” planning on blowing up the derailed cars like EP?
  3. Will Petey Butt-Gig wait three weeks to make an appearance…or not show up at all?
  4. Does “Shelter in Place” trap residents kinda like the lockdowns?
  5. How are these fiascos affecting the Norfolk Southern stock price?
  6. And will “Shelter in Place” be the code word for future fake pandemic scares imposed on the sheeple?
  7. Has Ohio become the newest “Deep State”test ground for crisis management?
  8. And What if Homer Simpson and his family just want to get the hell out of the danger zone?

More Than Another Train Wreck in Ohio

But what people should really be focused on is What’s Up with Ohio in general?

Maybe Joy Behar will cackle – like she did about East Palestine – about how residents of Ohio are getting what they deserve because they voted for Trump.” *

(* Note: That is one heartless woman who is still spewing venom about Trump for no other reason than hatred)




Or Maybe Ohio’s conservative voting base truly is being victimized as part of some warped plan to discourage, defeat, and beat them into submission.

(If that’s true, then the Boyz behind these “coincidences” totally underestimate the tenacity of folks in the Mid-West)

 Or Maybe JUST MAYBE this is all a coincidence…and that Norfolk Southern is going to come clean about what they’ve done…and will make amends to everyone affected.


That ain’t gonna happen.

They’ll simply lie about everything.

And stall any settlements for many years so they can pass the damage back on the public with help from the Boyz on Wall Street and the District of Caligula.

Think I’m kidding?

Watch their stock price (symbol: NSC) and see how it gets propped up in the future by Blackrock and Vanguard.

Learn how these Boyz work “Behind the Curtain” and avoid their traps every month in our “…In Plain English” newsletter (HERE).

Share this with a friend…especially if they can’s stand listening to Joy Behar.

They’ll thank YOU later.

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