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800 POINTS DOWN? Look at This…

As if on cue, the Miscreant-Media-Presstitutes are using Shock-and-Awe panic tactics over yesterday’s 800-point drop in the DJIA.


This is the kind of stuff that makes me sick.

Have you heard any of them say how exactly one year ago (Aug 14, 2018) the DJIA closed at 25,299?  Compare that to yesterday’s close of 25,479 and what do you get?

180 points difference.

Translation:  If you bought the DOW index last year your position would’ve increased by slightly less than 1% (.711% to be exact).

Yet, the sheeple bleat…”but, but, I’ve lost soooo much in the market.”

And, of course, they blame it all on the China Tariffs.


The long-term trends are still in place and the smart money is still moving into our markets to the tune of Billions every month.

All I can say is wait and see.

The Most Hated Bull Market in History ain’t over yet by a long shot.


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