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30 Million Americans Face Eviction from CoronaFraud


While the Banksters on Wall Street get an unlimited lifeline of money from the FED, an estimated 30-40 Million Americans are facing evictions by the end of 2020.

No surprise here.

When you’ve been out of work for months, it’s kinda hard to pay the rent/mortgage.

As usual, Democrats and Republicans in can’t find common ground on a meaningful plan for this mess.

So (are you ready for this?) they’ve dragged the CDC into resolving this nightmare.

Wait! What?

Last week, the CDC issued an order that bans landlords from evicting tenants that cannot afford to pay rent due to a pandemic-related job loss or income reduction.

On the surface it sounds nice.

However, to gain relief, renters must sign a government designed form attesting that their plight is related to the pandemic; that they would be homeless or forced into crowded living facilities if evicted; that they “have used best efforts to obtain all available government assistance for rent or housing”; and that they “understand that at the end of this temporary halt on evictions on December 31, 2020, my housing provider may require payment in full for all payments not made prior to and during the temporary halt and failure to pay may make me subject to eviction pursuant to state and local laws.”

Keep in mind, not one of the CDC’s forecasts on the CoronaFraud has been accurate.

And they recently admitted guilt disclosed that the death count from the CoronaHoax has been wildly skewed.

So, what gives you – or any other renter – any confidence in this flawed proposal?

This CDC “order” provides no assistance to the small landlord who may be facing foreclosure because he can’t pay his own mortgage on the building.

According to the Aspen Institute study, “mom and pop landlords own 22.7 million out of 48.5 million rental units in the housing market.”

More than half (58%) do not have access to any lines of credit that might help them in an emergency.

Neither is there any provision to help out-of-work homeowners who are facing foreclosure.

The clincher is there’s no monetary assistance to help the renter pay the piling up rent on December 31 – effectively guaranteeing eviction at the start of 2021 in millions of cases.

Are you Connecting the Dots, yet?

This is NOT about a virus.

A panic cycle is coming.

How are you prepared to deal with it?

Learn how to avoid this oncoming train wreck in our September issue of “…In Plain English.”


It’s Not Just About Finance.



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