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2023 Awards We’d Like to Forget

Welcome to January 1st 2024 and good riddance to most of the things we’d like to forget from 2023.


While most Americans continue the holidays, overdosing on football, food, festivities, and family, we thought it would be fun to list some of the dubious awards from 2023.


Ironically (or NOT) most of these awards fall into the category of “You Just Cannot Make This Stuff Up.”


And, as we say farewell to the Political Chaos of 2023, we believe that What’s in Store for 2024 will provide us with unlimited materialfor your financial edification and reading pleasure.


So, in no particular order…



2023 Awards We’d Like to Forget



  1. Racist Award…Boston’s mayor Michelle Wu. Wu invited only city council members of color that excluded whites to her year-end “holiday party.” Proving that racial equity is becoming what it was bound to become — the return of racial segregation.
  2. Worst Trade Award: The Biden administration’s release of billions of dollars in sanctioned Iranian funds for the release of five wrongfully held U.S. hostages. Such diplomacy only emboldens our enemies to kidnap more Americans.
  3. Sign of the Times Award: Maxim magazine named a biological male to their “Hottest 100 Women” list, while a transgender professor will teach a course on Taylor Swift at Harvard…LMAO!
  4. Regional Banking Collapse Award: Thanks to the Sam Bankman-Fried/FTX disaster, SVB and Evergrande were just the beginning. They will be remembered as the Countrywide Credit (2008) of this era after the Great Banking Crisis of 2024.
  5. Most Fascist Award: Goes to (you know who) for arresting the leader of the opposition party and getting him kicked off ballots.
  6. CoronaHoax Award: Covid was fully exposed as a lie. Yet many Sheeple continue to believe.
  7. The Two Best Way to Squander Billions Award: (1) Develop EVs that no customers want to own  (2) Funding a Ukrainian war lord.
  8. Covering You’re A** (CYA) Award: Big Pharma Scientists who “discovered” a new strain of Covid that causes heart problems.
  10. Most Erroneous Belief Award:  Victory is just around the corner for Ukraine…and the 2023 Summer Counter-Offensive has the Russkies reeling.
  11. Metaphors of the Year Award: The White House Christmas tree toppling over was followed by Jill Biden’s Christmas video that resembled The Nutcracker on crack.
  12. District of Caligula Debauchery Award:  Democratic Senate staffer (Aidan Maese-Czeropski) shot a gay porn video in a Senate hearing room and posted it to a private group chat for homosexual men working in politics.




As mentioned above, You Just Cannot Make This Stuff Up.



In Store for 2024



So, in order to get the most out of What’s in Store for 2024, be sure to read our January issue of “…In Plain English” (HERE).


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