December 2022
December 2, 2022

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Why Govt Solutions Make Problems Worse

Have you ever heard one of the three most famous lies…? “I’m from the government, and I’m here to help.”

You probably know the other two…so, I’ll leave it at that.

All you need to prove that bald-faced lie quote is to look at how government comes up with solutions to problems our nations faces.

First, and foremost, you must recognize that the vast majority of problems our country faces were created by government policies.  The sad reality is they NEVER fix the problems THEY created.

Let me give you the most obvious example…DEBT.

It’s mathematically impossible for us to pay our $20+ Trillion national debt.

Our politician’s solution???

Issue more DEBT.

They continue to “kicking the can” down the road placing the burden on the next generation.

The message here is “it’s okay to be in debt, let someone else fix it.”

That’s wrong…on steroids.

Put this flawed concept into your personal situation.

If you have excessive debt, would you fix the problem by borrowing more money without the ability to pay it back?

I sure hope not.

Yet that’s the message our Congress critters continue to send us.  And I hate it when they use the excuse “We’re doing it for the children.”


What this means is they’ll stop at nothing to come up with new ways to gouge the public with taxes.

It’s their only solution.  And they hide it in the form of some new law designed to “improve our standard of living.”

Politically, 2017 has been a wild year…and 2018 promises to be crazier.

Trust in government is going to drop so fast it will make your nose bleed.

Start “connecting the dots” (HERE) and see how to profit from political turmoil.

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