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They Felt Good About Killing Them…

Probably the worst arguments you hear today – which accelerate our descent down the road to perdition – is how we should accept AND promote certain minorities perverse agendas.

Before you get mad at my ranting, you must understand how this is related to the Chaos in 2020 that’s rapidly approaching.

Let me explain.

Society’s eventual breakdown is always accelerated by economic calamity…especially when it becomes a global event.

Today the central banks of the world are boxed in, desperate, and have nowhere to go.

Their last resort is to create panic among the masses in order for them to gain more control of the sheeple.  And its roots are centered on rejecting moral standards.

Ironically (or NOT) people actually believe the government is looking out for them.

Are you aggravated yet?


Get ready.

It’s amazing today how so many people are clueless about how and why our Constitution was based on Biblical standards.

People now say that the Bible’s definition of marriage, of one man and one woman, isn’t accurate and is outdated.

They say things like, “But it’s okay if they feel good about it; it’s what’s in their heart.”

If that’s true, what will keep someone from saying, “I felt good about killing that person.”   Or, “I feel good about molesting a six-year-old girl” Or, “What’s wrong with having sex with an animal?”  

See where this is going?

We remind you, Everything is Connected…EVERYTHING.

And if you don’t see how the rejection of moral standards is related to Economic Calamity then you need a crash course on Connecting the Dots of the Global Puzzle.

Panic Cycles in the markets are underway…and they won’t play out how you think they will.

Don’t get hit by this freight train.

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