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It never ceases to amaze me how so many people get it all wrong when it comes to investing and wasting your money.

Example:  When your favorite retail store has a 20% off sale, people line up to buy things they “perceive” to be a good deal.

Ironically (or NOT) most of what they buy are things that wear out and eventually get thrown out or take up closet and/or garage space.

On the flip side, when Wall Street has a 20% off sale, most investors panic and run for the exits.


Waste Your Money

They obviously don’t perceive value and fear that they’ll lose money.

The boyz in “The Club” know this and use it against you time after time.

They also know that in order for the 1% to make big bucks99% of investors have to be wrong.

At the same time, they know that most investors fail to Connect the Dots of the global financial puzzle.

This allows them to zig while you zag.

It’s called the “Shampoo Bottle Syndrome” …wash, rinse, repeat.

Ironically (or NOT) when the markets are high (Cough! like NOW Cough!), most investors will say they’re “Waiting for a correction before buying stocks.”

Then, when a correction comes, they won’t buy.

If you relate to one of the above descriptions then let me be blunt.  Don’t waste your money subscribing to our newsletter.

Wait!  What?

Experience Where it Counts

We bring over 109+ years of front-line experience on how the markets really work – Behind the Curtain.

Until you understand the big picture and how to apply it to your personal investments, you won’t take action.

Or, like most investors, you’ll act on emotion and get slaughtered with the rest of the sheeple in the inevitable turbulent times.

However, if you get beyond the average investor mentality, you’ll learn how turbulent times creates opportunities of a lifetime.

We make it simple and easy for you to understand.

That’s why we call it “…In Plain English.”

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It’s Not Just About Finance.



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